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A Realistic and Sustainable Approach To Health & Wellness

Together we chart a reasonable course towards your health goals that fits seamlessly into your life

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Living an aligned, purpose-driven life shows up in the health of the body and mind and ultimately, on the bottom line.

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Your Health Journey Begins Here

My name is Julie and I work with health-conscious professionals who want to live well.

I believe that the health of your business is directly related to your state of personal health.

If you are looking for a sustainable, comprehensive, holistic health and wellness strategy that can help you achieve your health, life and business aspirations, I’d love to get to know you better.

My goal is to focus on keeping things simple.

We begin together with an in-depth intake appointment of 60-90 minutes, where we can assess and diagnose from the a conventional biomedical and Eastern medicine perspectives.

We aim to understand what is going on, and furthermore, why it might be happening.

We can access a wide range of health assessment tests – from baseline diagnostic laboratory blood testing as needed and with advanced functional diagnostic testing, including organic acids testing, neurotransmitter testing, Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) Testing, Comprehensive stools testing and food sensitivity testing. Colleagues in my practice may also be referred to you who can offer Genetic nutrition testing as well.

Then we get clear on your health & life goals so that I can help you chart a navigational course or roadmap towards where you want to go. 

I then make your preliminary plan and longer-term plan. Your health plan can consist of anything from clinical nutrition, including food, supplements and herbal medicine prescriptions, which can be individually compounded or professionally recommended brands, to acupuncture, physical exercise and lifestyle recommendations.

The mixed approach I take will combine proven leadership strategies and motivational and positive psychology tips to get your health, business and life into alignment with where and who you want to be.

Together, we build on your gifts and develop the skills of a good life, so that you can participate in your own life and community with intention, and build the health habits you want to last your lifetime. 

The result is a quality, evidence-informed, pizza-friendly, individualized and simple-to-follow roadmap to help you move towards your goals.

I wish you a happy and authentically empowered life that manifests in your work and health.

Get to know me one-on-one to see if my approach is a good fit for your needs in my free 15 minute consult. 

Read more about my licenses, education, businesses and background at this link here. 

Dr. Julie Hwang BSc ND is the Owner of Aurum Medicine and Wellness Clinic and Fruit Studio (Açaí) of JSH Health Group Inc. She is a global collaborative health and wellness advocate based in Toronto, Canada. Learn more at this link here. 

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